How To Edit MyBB Redirect Template

Some may think that how to edit the MyBB redirect template is trivial information. I’ve been slowly updating our MyBB theme, Sleek, for 1.8.4 and I didn’t notice an issue with the redirect page until the end. I needed to view the redirect page, but I couldn’t do it without seeing the redirect page. The problem is the redirect page automatically redirects and pressing the back button doesn’t go to the page.

Solution to modify redirect template so it doesn’t redirect

It’s a rather simple fix. All you need to do is go to the following template:

Home » Template Sets » Sleek Templates » Edit Template: redirect

Find this code (if you’re using MyBB 1.8) and remove:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;URL={$url}" />

Bam. Done. Now you can continue to view and inspect the page with FireFox and fix design issues.

Of course, one can always turn off redirection pages by going to the UCP > Edit Options > Untick Show friendly redirect pages, but who has time in the day to do that? Further, do you think members are going to do that? I highly doubt it.

It’s always a good idea, as a designer, to fix issues with themes even on pages that you don’t really like.

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