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What is Confirmed for MyBB 2.0

I’m excited for MyBB 2.0 and I hope you are to. I ran across a thread here that lists what is confirmed for MyBB 2.0 by Staffers and thought I would share here.

This was originally posted by Alex Smith over at the MyBB community forums

What is confirmed for MyBB 2.0

  • A framework will be used (was originally going to be Yii but doesn’t seem to be the case anymore).
  • Twig will be the template engine. (Not sure if this will be effected by the framework change or not)
  • 2.0 will use jquery(also used by yii as default js library).
  • SEO friendly Url(as yii already provides easy way to do this).
  • A WYSIWYG editor will be included with the option of disabling at the admin and user levels.
  • A new theme
    -Will include css based buttons
  • An API will be available to make integration easier.
  • Improved User CP
  • Conversation PMs
  • New Profiles
    -Including profile comments
  • Mobile Functionality
  • There will be modal boxes in 2.0 as Matt wrote in this post.
  • Threaded mode will be removed.

Images of MyBB 2.0 Index and User Control Panel

mybb 2.0 index

This is the MyBB 2.0 Index

mybb 2.0 user control panel

MyBB 2.0 User Control Panel (USERCP)

The flat colors and simple interface in the previews look awesome. It’s about time forums start really looking clean and brand-able. The most exciting feature I’m looking forward to is better mobile and jquery support.

I really hope that MyBB 2.0 will be released in 2015 but it’s highly doubtful at this point. We are already 3 1/2 months into the year and we’ve seen very little. I can guarantee that we’ll be porting our themes over as soon as we possibly can when it’s available for download.

Update #2

Planned MyBB 2.0 Features

MyBB 2.0 was originally planned to be released at the end of 2015 but that has come and passed. Below is an additional list of planned features for MyBB 2.0:

  • User online status enhancement
  • Tagging system like twitter
  • Activity stream / activity box for user
  • Social media registration & login
  • Minify ALL CSS & JS
  • Notification system kind of like facebook for rep, quoted, buddy list
  • Mobile version
  • Indepth administrator permissions
  • More flexible attachments system
  • RTL theme included
  • Avatar cropping
  • Mail tester
  • Resend email activation
  • Announcements like PHPBB
  • “View Threads I participate” search
  • Attachments in private messages
  • Better error/no permissions pages
  • Auto complete search

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