Updating mybb 1.6 plugins to be compatible with 1.8

If you’re upgrading from mybb 1.6 to 1.8 and want your current plugins to work you have two options.

  1. Wait for the plugin creator to make an update.
  2. Attempt to update the plugin yourself.

If you’re like most forum owners and can’t possibly wait one second longer, then try changing the plugin compatibility by making an edit to the plugin file.

How to change the compatibility of a mybb plugin

Keep in mind that doing the following change does not guarantee the plugin will work. If the plugin still does not work then you will need to wait for the plugin author to make an update as it requires major code changes

Step 1 – disable plugins

Step 2 – upgrade your forum to 1.8

Step 3 – edit the plugin file

Most, if not all, plugins can be found in forum_root/inc/plugins folder.


"compatibility" => "16*",

Replace with:

"compatibility" => "18*",

Step 4 – enable the plugin

And that’s it folks!

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