trendy theme features for mybb

Trendy Theme Features for MyBB

If you’re wondering what the current trend is for MyBB themes then read on.

Extensive research was done to find out what the top features were for the most popular MyBB themes out there. It only took 10 minutes of research to figure it out. I looked at the top three themes from the official MyBB Mods Statistics page and took notes on the features that made them compelling.

Top Theme Features for MyBB Themes in 2015


Many of the themes use CSS3 to enhance the user experience. Animations, transformations, text effects, backgrounds, borders, and much more is being enhanced with CSS3 and it’s refreshing to say the least.

Google Fonts

Tahoma, Arial, Sans Serif – are all fonts that we normally see on the internet. With the use of embedded Google Fonts, MyBB themes are looking quite different from the stock design. Fontgraphy can make a subtle positive change to any theme.

Flat Look

The use of flat colors and minimalist design has been a trend for the last few years and it certainly hasn’t stopped. We recently released a flat colored theme, FlatOne, and it’s been one of the more popular MyBB themes we’ve sold to date.

Iconic Fonts

More and more themes are using FontAwesome (or other iconic fonts) to make forums look aesthetically pleasing. What’s awesome about iconic fonts besides the ability to easily style the icon is how they can increase pagespeed. If SEO is of major concern then you should consider themes that use iconic fonts / FontAwesome.

Those are the most trendy features that we currently see in MyBB themes for 2015. Many of these trendy features are included in our themes such as Metro and GameOne so check them out if you’re in the market for MyBB themes.

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