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Responsive MyBB Theme: FlatOne


FlatOne is a Responsive MyBB Theme for MyBB 1.8 that is really unique to say the least. No joke. One feature will blow your mind away. If you’re looking for a MyBB theme that can be tweaked to fit your branding and looks great on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers then look no further.

According to GlobalWebIndex, a whopping 80% of internet users own a smart phone. You can bet they are searching, viewing, and interacting with websites on their mobile device. Here is another stat that is important: users usually leave a web page in 10-20 seconds after visiting or earlier if they don’t find value according to Nielsen Norman Group.

FlatOne is a responsive theme for MyBB that is visually appealing on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Users on small devices will be able to view information on your forum easier and this is a good thing. Happy visitors and members is a key point for forum growth.

Top Theme Features

  1. Responsive – FlatOne is an amazing theme that looks simple, but is very smart. Resize your browser to a certain point and the theme will “snap” into place for a better user experience on small devices.
  2. Change Theme Settings – Every user can change the theme to their liking via Theme Settings page. Font, forum width, buttons, table elements, form elements, background – and much more can be personalized. This is mind-blowing and I invite you to check out the demo (link at the end).
  3. Fast, HTML5 Tableless Design – There’s hardly any images to load. We value page speed because we find that slow themes can bring dissatisfaction to forum members and visitors. Remember: happy members and visitors is key to a successful forum.

Words can’t describe how awesome FlatOne can make your forum look & feel so here are some links you need to visit:

FlatOne MyBB Theme

  1. Theme Details – for screenshots and other details we missed in this post.
  2. View Demo – for those that love Demo’s as much as we do.
  3. Buy Link – for those that want a great looking MyBB theme 🙂

I leave you with a question: Do you think a responsive theme is important? Leave a comment below.