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Change MyBB Default Page With .htaccess File

Many people have asked me how to create a custom home page with MyBB. By default, MyBB loads the forum. With a single tweak, you can change MyBB’s default page to something else. This is not the beginning of an April fools joke.

MyBB is widely popular forum software that is used by many sites online. With that said, there are plenty of sites where the forum is not the focus of the site. So it makes sense to change the home page to something else. Continue reading

How To Install Google Analytics With MyBB

Easily add Google Analytics code to MyBB with a plugin or with one template edit.

Google Analytics is free to use and provides invaluable historical data on visitors. It’s the most popular analytic tool among webmasters for this reason.

Get a Google Analytic account (duh)

Google’s get started with analytics page is the best place to be if you want an account but don’t know how to get one. I won’t waste your time by re-hashing what they say. Continue reading

How To Edit MyBB Redirect Template

Some may think that how to edit the MyBB redirect template is trivial information. I’ve been slowly updating our MyBB theme, Sleek, for 1.8.4 and I didn’t notice an issue with the redirect page until the end. I needed to view the redirect page, but I couldn’t do it without seeing the redirect page. The problem is the redirect page automatically redirects and pressing the back button doesn’t go to the page. Continue reading

top 5 reasons why mybb is popular

Top 5 Reasons MyBB is so Popular

MyBB is the forum software of choice for hundreds of thousands of forum owners around the web. Without doubt, MyBB has proven to the masses that it’s free and open source forum software can power your next forum community exceptionally well. Below are the top five reasons MyBB, I think, deserves recognition. If you’re brave, check out the ThemeFreak community forum that is powered by MyBB.

1. Community Support

The MyBB Community Forums is amazing, in part, because there are many users that help each other (for free). The threads that I see with zero replies, most of the time, don’t even directly relate to MyBB forum software. It’s important to note that the moderators and administrators are friendly and try to be professional.

2. Free & Open Source

It fits my budget and yours too. There’s no yearly upgrade fee or purchase price to add on top of your hosting cost if you’re working with a small budget. It’s open source to boot. I won’t dwell on why open source is beneficial, but believe me, open source is a good thing.

3. Simple, Yet Complete

MyBB isn’t forum software that is bloated with features that you don’t need like many other forum software such as vBulletin. At the end of the day a forum is a place to exchange information. MyBB lets users interact with each other exceptionally well.

4. Quality Themes

There are many themes here for MyBB 1.6 and not many for MyBB 1.8, but the quality of themes are decent. In my opinion, quality trumps quantity. If the free themes don’t suit your taste, you can always take a look at MyBB themes we’ve created for 1.6x and 1.8x.

5. Active Developers

The MyBB Group has been actively developing the forum software for years. Not everyone will agree with me, but I believe that infrequent yet stable releases are better than lots of buggy releases.

A healthy amount of developers have created free and commercial plugins for MyBB. There isn’t a large number of plugins so if you’re looking to turn MyBB into a fancy content management system you will be very disappointed. However, if you need a forum that is secure and gets the job done fast, MyBB is a great choice for your next forum.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking of using MyBB for your next forum and don’t need all the bloat ware that comes bundled with many other forum scripts, you will be pleased.

I leave you with a question: will you be using MyBB for your next forum?

Leave a comment below.