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What is Confirmed for MyBB 2.0

I’m excited for MyBB 2.0 and I hope you are to. I ran across a thread here that lists what is confirmed for MyBB 2.0 by Staffers and thought I would share here.

This was originally posted by Alex Smith over at the MyBB community forums

What is confirmed for MyBB 2.0

  • A framework will be used (was originally going to be Yii but doesn’t seem to be the case anymore).
  • Twig will be the template engine. (Not sure if this will be effected by the framework change or not)
  • 2.0 will use jquery(also used by yii as default js library).
  • SEO friendly Url(as yii already provides easy way to do this).
  • A WYSIWYG editor will be included with the option of disabling at the admin and user levels.
  • A new theme
    -Will include css based buttons
  • An API will be available to make integration easier.
  • Improved User CP
  • Conversation PMs
  • New Profiles
    -Including profile comments
  • Mobile Functionality
  • There will be modal boxes in 2.0 as Matt wrote in this post.
  • Threaded mode will be removed.

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