MyBB No Longer Supporting MyBB 1.6

Goodbye MyBB1.6! We bid you farewell. Our friends at MyBB have announced that they are ending support for MyBB 1.6 soon. Luckily, the official EOL date has been pushed back to October 1 according to the forum announcement by StefanT, a MyBB Project Manager.

What does this mean for you?

The support forum for 1.6 will be archived. So you won’t be able to get your questions answered regarding 1.6 from forum mods or members beginning of October. It’s important to note that no security fixes or bug fixes will be released thereafter.

Upgrade to 1.8 now.

The MyBB Group strongly encourages all users on the 1.6 series to begin planning their migration to 1.8 if they haven’t already. Should assistance be required, a post in the 1.8 General Support or Install/Upgrade Support sections should yield the support needed to upgrade successfully. Remaining on the 1.6 series past September 1st risks security ramifications (from unfixed issues to be discovered) to any forum running on it, and the MyBB Group will not be obligated to support should such a situation arise.

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to MyBB 1.8 you’ll want to start planning the switch now before the October 1st deadline as stated above. It’s a sad month for 1.6 but I can assure you that 1.8 is amazing. We’ve been using the latest version for some time and it’s worked out well for us and our customers. If you need assistance with upgrading the forum or themes please contact us for custom work. We do some amazing work!

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