How To Report Pirated Content in Google Search Results

If someone has pirated content that belongs to you such as: themes, scripts, software, art, or any other copyright that you own AND it can be found with a Google search it’s rather easy to report. My aim is to help you report pirated content found through Google search.

Sadly, I recently found a link where our MyBB Theme: Sleek, that we created, was being redistributed freely and without permission. Surprisingly, it’s very hard to find a link where one can report pirated content to Google.

If you have an intangible product and would like to remove copyright infringement from Google search results then read on. We have first hand experience. The reported link was remove same day for us and we’ll share some tips to help your chances that the link will be removed.

Steps to Remove Pirated Content From Google Searches

Note: These are the steps we used to remove an intangible product (a MyBB Theme) that we own the rights to.

  1. Visit this official link at Google –
  2. Click on Web Search1
  3. Click on I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above2
  4. Click on I would like to report a product or service that circumvents copyright protection mechanisms3
  5. Check Yes to the following question : Are you the copyright owner of the underlying work, the owner of the digital rights management technology, or a respresentative authorized to act on the owner’s behalf?4
  6. Click on link at the last sentence: Please use [this form] to submit your circumvention removal request.5
  7. The following page will come up. Look at the image below to see how you might fill in the information. google copyright infringement form

Tips To Get Your Copyright Infringement Complaint Reviewed and Approved

  1. Use your real first and last name.
  2. Enter in your company name. This will give your submission more credibility.
  3. For Copyright holder you represent, use Self.
  4. Use an email originating from your company domain first, or use your Gmail account.
  5. Aim for perfect grammar and spelling. Remember, you’re trying to look professional and authentic because a human might look at your submission request.
  6. Use direct links to copyright infringement.

With the methods above, we got our copyright infringement issue resolved same-day. No hassle, no haggle. Your mileage may vary.  Have questions or any success? Leave a comment below!

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