How To Backup MyBB and Restore After

This post covers how to backup MyBB, and how to restore the backup you made earlier. The methods below do not require SSH or extensive technical knowledge. If you can navigate through options then you can follow my steps easily.

CPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels and it’s what we use throughout this how to.

Backup MyBB in several ways

There are two things you want to backup that we will cover:

  1. Database
  2. Files

It’s good practice to backup database and files regularly because you never know when you will need it. Having several copies are a good idea also because files can become corrupt.

Create a database backup with the built in MyBB database backup tool

Note: this method only does backup of database, and does not do a file backup

Options for backup with built in MyBB database backup tool.

Options for backup with built in MyBB database backup tool.

  1. Navigate to Home » Database Backups » Backups
  2. Click Select All.
  3. Customize your backup with options on the right. Options depend on what you need. Usually a GZIP Compressed, Download, Structure and Data are safe choices.
  4. Click Perform Backup.

Create a database and file backup with CPanel

Use phpMyAdmin to create database backup with CPanel

backup with phpmyadmin

Options for exporting database with phpMyAdmin.

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin through CPanel then select the DB you want to backup
  2. Click the export tab. Default options should be fine.
  3. Click Go.

That’s it for your DB backup. Easy, right? Now let us move on to the file backup.

Use File Manager within CPanel to create a file backup

  1. Click on File Manager within CPanel then navigate to folder that contains your forum.
  2. Right click on the folder then select Compress.
  3. Unless you can uncompress other types of files, choose Zip Archive.
  4. Click Compress File(s).

Your files will be in the folder that the parent folder of the forum. For example, if my forum was in /root/forum then my backup file would be in /root/ for later download.

Create a file backup with FTP

Feel free to create a backup with your favorite FTP program. We are not covering this method of file backup because it’s painfully slow and can get screwed up. It’s better to backup with CPanel and save on the server for later download as a compressed file.

Restore MyBB with your backup

Restoring a database backup with phpMyAdmin

database import

Options when restoring database.

  1. Make sure you’re viewing the database you need to restore then click on Import tab.
  2. Browse to your backup database.
  3. Click Go.

If you get an SQL error such as:

#1050 – Table ‘mybb_adminlog’ already exists ”

Make sure you drop all tables in the database prior to importing. Then try importing again.

Restoring files

Simple use your favorite FTP program or the built in file manager in CPanel to upload the contents of your file backup to the appropriate folder.

3 thoughts on “How To Backup MyBB and Restore After

  1. Anthony

    Hi, thanks very much for the tutorial. In the ‘restore’ section, could you please explain what you mean by “Make sure you drop all tables in the database prior to importing. Then try importing again”?

    Thanks very much,


    1. Tan Tuohy Post author

      If you created a database backup via cpanel and need to restore the backup without removing existing tables in the database you’ll get a ” Table ‘mybb_xxxxx’ already exists ”

      At which point, you will need to make sure to “drop” all tables in the mybb database you’re trying to restore.

      Then you will be able to import the backup database using the cpanel importer.

      If you created the backup via mybb admin, you wouldn’t use the above method.


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