Forum SEO: Speed Matters

I hate slow forums.

If you don’t already know, page speed is an SEO factor. If all things are equal, the forum with better speed, on average, will rank higher in search pages. If you’re wondering why a competitor is ranking higher than you for a specific term then consider how much faster (or slower) their forum loads and compare to your forum. Page speed can be an indicator for how the user experience is. You can bet that a negative user experience will have a negative effect on your search rankings.

We use a number of on page optimization for ThemeFreak and we’ll share that information with you.

Here are several ways to speed up your forum:

  • Move to a faster web host
  • Enable compression of everything under the sun (php, images, html, css, javascript)
  • Load CSS before javascript
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Disable unnecessary forum plugins & scripts
  • Use iconic fonts
  • Reduce use of images and use sprites
  • Use a different theme (we have mybb themes that are highly optimized)
  • Pray louder

Test Your Forum Speed

Before you make changes to your forum check your current page speed so you know how well you are doing. Two excellent links are below:

  1. PageSpeed Insights by Google –
  2. GTmetrix –

Also, as described in a previous post towards the bottom, FireFox has a nifty browser inspector feature that shows how fast a page loads and is based on your internet connection. I like how it separates html, css, js, images and so on.

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