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Anchor Links with a Fixed Forum Header

So it recently came to my attention that anchor links did not work correctly when the last reply link was clicked on our forum at ThemeFreak. The problem was that when I clicked on the last post link the page would jump to the correct post, but the fixed forum header would cover part of the forum content. There’s no need for any JS or JQuery fix. Simple HTML & CSS works. Continue reading

trendy theme features for mybb

Trendy Theme Features for MyBB

If you’re wondering what the current trend is for MyBB themes then read on.

Extensive research was done to find out what the top features were for the most popular MyBB themes out there. It only took 10 minutes of research to figure it out. I looked at the top three themes from the official MyBB Mods Statistics page and took notes on the features that made them compelling. Continue reading

How To Report Pirated Content in Google Search Results

If someone has pirated content that belongs to you such as: themes, scripts, software, art, or any other copyright that you own AND it can be found with a Google search it’s rather easy to report. My aim is to help you report pirated content found through Google search. Continue reading

Troubleshoot Web Site Design with Browser Inspector

Every web designer needs a way to troubleshoot web site design issues that arise. We frequently use browser inspectors when building and testing MyBB Themes such as FlatOne. Did you know that most modern browsers have built-in web site inspectors?

Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox feature a way to look at the raw html, css, and javascript to name a few. There are Windows and Mac variants. Continue reading