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How To Cache Google Analytics Code

If you’re trying to increase site speed by caching Google Analytics code then you’re in luck. I’ve created this guide with easy instructions on how to cache your Google Analytics code.

In this guide we’ll be covering the following:

  1. Creating a php script that grabs the Analytics JavaScript from Google server.
  2. Creating a cron job to grab the latest version of the script.
  3. Caching Analytics locally. Continue reading

How To Install Google Analytics With MyBB

Easily add Google Analytics code to MyBB with a plugin or with one template edit.

Google Analytics is free to use and provides invaluable historical data on visitors. It’s the most popular analytic tool among webmasters for this reason.

Get a Google Analytic account (duh)

Google’s get started with analytics page is the best place to be if you want an account but don’t know how to get one. I won’t waste your time by re-hashing what they say. Continue reading

Check If Your Site is Mobile Friendly

According to Google over at Webmaster Central Blog, April 21 is the deadline for getting your site mobile friendly. Or else.

We all knew that this was coming for a while now. The original post was published back in February but I’m guessing most of you haven’t gotten around to making changes to your sites. Continue reading

Forum SEO: Speed Matters

I hate slow forums.

If you don’t already know, page speed is an SEO factor. If all things are equal, the forum with better speed, on average, will rank higher in search pages. If you’re wondering why a competitor is ranking higher than you for a specific term then consider how much faster (or slower) their forum loads and compare to your forum. Page speed can be an indicator for how the user experience is. You can bet that Continue reading