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Updating mybb 1.6 plugins to be compatible with 1.8

If you’re upgrading from mybb 1.6 to 1.8 and want your current plugins to work you have two options.

  1. Wait for the plugin creator to make an update.
  2. Attempt to update the plugin yourself.

If you’re like most forum owners and can’t possibly wait one second longer, then try changing the plugin compatibility by making an edit to the plugin file. Continue reading

MyBB 1.8.6 Microsoft Edge Browser Private Message Issue

A customer of mine found a bug related to MyBB and Microsoft Edge browser:

The forum works and looks the best using this browser aside from one issue. When sending a PM message, it seems to submit twice and MyBB gives a warning about sending identical messages too quickly. It happens every time I send a PM.

After some digging, we were able to replicate the issue on Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge browser. Unfortunately, it’s something that affects the default mybb that ships with the most recent release as of this post: 1.8.6. Continue reading

Change MyBB Default Page With .htaccess File

Many people have asked me how to create a custom home page with MyBB. By default, MyBB loads the forum. With a single tweak, you can change MyBB’s default page to something else. This is not the beginning of an April fools joke.

MyBB is widely popular forum software that is used by many sites online. With that said, there are plenty of sites where the forum is not the focus of the site. So it makes sense to change the home page to something else. Continue reading

How To Install Google Analytics With MyBB

Easily add Google Analytics code to MyBB with a plugin or with one template edit.

Google Analytics is free to use and provides invaluable historical data on visitors. It’s the most popular analytic tool among webmasters for this reason.

Get a Google Analytic account (duh)

Google’s get started with analytics page is the best place to be if you want an account but don’t know how to get one. I won’t waste your time by re-hashing what they say. Continue reading

mybb 2.0 index

What is Confirmed for MyBB 2.0

I’m excited for MyBB 2.0 and I hope you are to. I ran across a thread here that lists what is confirmed for MyBB 2.0 by Staffers and thought I would share here.

This was originally posted by Alex Smith over at the MyBB community forums

What is confirmed for MyBB 2.0

  • A framework will be used (was originally going to be Yii but doesn’t seem to be the case anymore).
  • Twig will be the template engine. (Not sure if this will be effected by the framework change or not)
  • 2.0 will use jquery(also used by yii as default js library).
  • SEO friendly Url(as yii already provides easy way to do this).
  • A WYSIWYG editor will be included with the option of disabling at the admin and user levels.
  • A new theme
    -Will include css based buttons
  • An API will be available to make integration easier.
  • Improved User CP
  • Conversation PMs
  • New Profiles
    -Including profile comments
  • Mobile Functionality
  • There will be modal boxes in 2.0 as Matt wrote in this post.
  • Threaded mode will be removed.

Continue reading